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IEEE 802.11ac groups a set of wireless stations together into a group. This group is managed by an Access Point or Node B. Multiple stations can belong to the same 802.11ac group, but only one is permitted to be in a group-reserved state. 2 Energy Saving in 802.11ac-2012-2099 : Optimized Power Save Delivery. IEEE 802.11ac-2012-2099 describes the basic concept of Physical Layer (PHY) Layer for Energy Saving in IEEE 802.11. It defines the packet format of the PHY layer when the wireless station wakes up and also specifies the PHY layer transmission modes for energy saving. It is based on the assumption of orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) technology. 3. Acknowledgment (ACK) Frames. 3.1 Association Acknowledgment. STA, wishing to transmit data to STA, transmits an Association Acknowledgment (AACK) frame to STA to indicate the receipt of the ACK frame from STA and the association of STA.. 3.2 Disassociation Acknowledgment. The disassociation (DISASSOC) frame is used by STA to indicate that it has been disassociated with Access Point (AP). Upon receiving a DISASSOC frame, AP may immediately de-associate the STA from the AP.. 4. Security. 4.1 De-authentication. 4.2 Authentication. 8 Correlation Among Group ID, SA and DA in IEEE 802.11ac : 1.4.2 Group ID for Energy Saving in IEEE 802.11ac states that each wireless station in an IEEE 802.11ac group contains two station management frames: Association Acknowledgment (AACK) and Disassociation Acknowledgment (DISASSOC). The former, specifies the receipt of an Association Management frame, which includes a group management frame called the Group Acknowledgment (GAACK). The latter, specifies that a wireless station has been disassociated from an AP. 5. Determination of the Power Save Mode State. 5.1 Group ID for Energy Saving in IEEE 802.11ac. IEEE 802.11ac group management frame includes the Group ID field, which indicates the group ID. According to IEEE 802.11ac, a wireless station can monitor only one group. Thus, in order to determine the group of a wireless station, the wireless station first receives GAACK and then uses the Group ID field to determine the group ID. 5.2 Power



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